Start earning from today

Choose from best opportunities

Zuper Works™ has lots of opportunities for you to jump start your entrepreneurship today. We provide a fantastic platform for all the experts to start generating revenues from 1st hour of making your profile. We manage end to end technology and marketing for your profile and your business.

  • How much do i need to pay to register as an Entrepreneur ?

    Zero. Yes, its entirely free.

    We are not charging anything from the entrepreneur to register and create & showcase your portfolio. With a click of a button you can share your portfolio with the world to start accepting orders. 

  • What all services can I sell ?

    Food and food related services

    We are creating a unique platform for all experts from food industry only. We are focused towards creating a huge network of experts who are interested to start there side hustle in food industry.  

  • How much commission will be charged ?

    10% only.

    We are working towards empowering entrepreneurs. We do not charge any monthly or yearly fees to promote your portfolios. 

    We work towards marketing the right entrepreneur globally. 


Make your Company profitable

Scale your startup without operating cost

Operating cost is one of the most important thing to manage while running your business. We want your company to grow, but without incurring additional monthly cost. 

Outsourcing is the solution. 

  • How much do I need to pay to register as a company / Startup ?

    Zero. We do not charge any upfront fees.

    We are working to create a network for mutual benefits, we want everyone to succeed. We wanted to create a platform for all the food startups / company to work with best minds in world. 

  • Why should i join this platform ?

    Growth. An unlimited growth without monthly expenses.

    For a startup, managing a bigger team and then managing their KRA, KPI etc becomes a troublesome task. Leave all the headache to our network, you simply post the requirements. Our team will help you and help you with growth without fixed expenses. Pay only for services taken. That's it. Its so simple. 

  • How much do we need to pay ?

    10% . No fixed expenses. Get things done faster.

    We do not charge any fixed monthly expenses. Zuper works team is working 24 X 7 for you globally to find solutions and experts to help you grow. Once you get the right partner for your task / project, we charge a success fee of 10 % on each successful transaction. 


Collaborate for a Zuper Company

Good at content, collaborate with web designer

We have created a unique platform where the buyer can become seller, and seller can become buyer of the services as well. The idea is to make your network strong. And focus on mutual growth. 

  • How to manage buyer - seller profile?

    Single Button. Our innovative design makes it easy for you. Try now.

    You are good at bowling, and the task requires an entire cricket team. What to do.

    Collaborate. Create your other profile and start collaborating and getting things done faster from your collaboration 


  • Is there any limitation to what can be done ?

    No. Zero. Nil. Grow unlimited

    We genuinely want you to grow, hence no boundary, no condition. We will help you to grow faster & market your services. 

  • How much to pay to have dual account.


    We understand you are growing, and we want to grow with you on this. We have built state of the art technology, which we are offering without any monthly and yearly costs. Create your dual account now.