3 Reasons to Hire an SEO Freelancer

Starting a business and finding clients was only the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur. Once you’ve finally gotten off the ground, it’s time to focus on expanding. And depending on your needs, you may or may not want to hire a full-time employee or an SEO freelancer who can drive traffic to your business. If you’re looking for an easy way to use SEO to increase sales, here are reasons why you should consider hiring an SEO freelancer.

They are Experienced Professionals

One reason you may be reluctant to hire is because you never truly know who you’re hiring. They aren’t affiliated with any known company and are not secured by a contract unless offered. However, despite having no official affiliation, freelancers who specialize in SEO are trained professionals. Many of them have a college education in conjunction with being self-taught. They understand the complexity of SEO and how to implement it properly.

Freelancer Entrepreneurs Save You Money

Compared to a full-time or even part-time employee, freelancers are easier to hire and are usually more affordable. When you hire an employee, you have to implement their salaries, the benefits you offered and their training. You need to provide a W-2, which means you are responsible for deducting taxes from their pay. People who freelance typically charge by the hour. In the case of SEO, these types can charge up to $70 an hour or more. Some may be willing to go lower, but it depends on the situation and the length of the gig. If you need help on an ongoing basis, many freelancers will agree to a lower rate.